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The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of our family too small.’ – Mother Teresa

Our Families

We imagine a world where every child is safe and secure in their own home, or in the home of someone who can give them temporary care. Until this is realized, families can turn to our team of volunteers across the state Connecticut who have opened their hearts and their homes to children in need. Our volunteers offer a “Circle of Support” made up of a Host Families, Family Friend, Family Coach, and Resource Friend. Through this Circle of Support, we are able to offer temporary, safe homes for children, while providing resources and coaching to parents as they get back on their feet. It is an honor to serve the families of Connecticut who struggle with social isolation and have no one to turn to in a time of crisis. We stand in the gap for these families and become the family they need.

To request a Host Family please visit:

To request a Family Friend or Family Coach, please visit:

Our Churches

Local churches play a significant role in supporting volunteers from their church family. They are an integral part of our Circle of Support. The church supports our volunteers as they serve and reach out to families in need. Churches of all sizes and various denominational, or non-denominational backgrounds are active partners with Safe Families for Children. We currently have volunteers associated with 13  churches.

To become a Safe Families for Children Church, please visit:

Our Volunteer Team 

We are grateful for every person who is invested in the mission of keeping children safe and families together. Every day we move a step closer to reducing the number of children entered into the foster care system. Volunteers serve as:

Host Families

  • Host Families voluntarily take in children for short periods of time. They are screened and approved by Safe Families for Children staff. Hostings typically last 6 weeks or less. Host Families partner with parents who retain full custody of their children. Communication is daily and visitation is encouraged. 

Family Friends

  • Family Friends are volunteers who provide support to families in crisis: friendship, mentoring, transportation, and respite to Host Families. 

Family Coaches

  • Family Coaches are skilled volunteers who help families in crisis reach their goals. Family Coaches also provide support to Host Families and Family Friends who are aiding families in crisis. 

To become a volunteer for any/all of these roles, please visit: